Polesden Lacey Old Stables

October 2002 Mushroom Sound Sculptures

In 200, I was awarded a grant from Arts Council England and set about working with Mole Valley District Council and The National Trust to produce the exhibition Fungos Mungos, for the tea rooms at Polesden Lacey. The installation was based around reminiscences collected from the people of Mole Valley, including a retired dairy farmer, a storytelling group "The Moles" and a botanist. The sculptures that I made were wired for sound, and each one told a story based on the memories that I collected

Papier mache on wooden plinths with decoupage, each mushroom tells a story

Number 1

The Cranham Mushroom

Chicken of the Woods

Number 2

The Gray Mushroom

Conical Wax Cap

Number 3

The Herbert Mushroom

Fly Agaric

Number 4

The Medley Mushroom

Red Cage Fungus


Number 1chickclose.jpg (36.0 Kb)
  chicken.jpg (42.6 Kb)     chickd.jpg (58.7 Kb) Number 2 conicalclose.jpg (37.2 Kb)
conicalwaxcap.jpg (56.9 Kb)    conicald.jpg (46.6 Kb)  Number 3 flyagaric.jpg (42.6 Kb)
  flyclose.jpg (45.7 Kb)
flycrop.jpg (33.6 Kb)     flyvclose.jpg (38.5 Kb)   flyd.jpg (51.7 Kb)  Number 4 redcage.jpg (55.0 Kb)
redcage2.jpg (43.4 Kb)    redcaged.jpg (43.1 Kb)    redcd.jpg (50.2 Kb)