Live Art

Joanna McCormick


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Kiss me Quick

Kiss Me Quick is a roaming live art piece, where I take on the character of Kiss Me Quick. Dressed in red, with a giant pair of lips on my head, and a small hand held sign that says Kiss Me Quick, I mingle with the people in the space and deliver lipstick kisses to any part of their body, with permission. I also hand out cardboard heart "lollies".

The inspiration for the piece came when I was sitting on the train. I was in a really good mood and was thinking about how lovely everyone looked and how wonderful it would be to just go round kissing everybody. So I invented the persona Kiss Me Quick.

Here is a link to a little video of Kiss Me Quick in action

Sweet Talking

As Sweet Talking I offer sweets in exchange for a secret. Audience members write their secret on a piece of paper and swap it for a sweet from my basket. At the end of the evening I read out the secrets, so they are shared with the rest of the audience.The writer of the secret remains anonymous.
The piece explores openess, sharing and honesty. It looks at memory, and secretiveness,  exploring the boundaries of what is private and public in our new world of social media. So the piece works as a manifestation of social media "live", in an intimate setting where the people sharing secrets are physically present.

Twenty Twenty

Between the hours of 11.30am and 5.30pm on Sunday June 15th 2014, Joanna McCormick's artist journalist story hunter TwentyTwenty will be roaming and searching the streets, pubs, cafes and green parts of Camberwell.
She will be collecting stories and making them into pictures, using magical interactive techniques with the people of Camberwell such as reminiscence, graphite pencils, lovely paper, inks and watercolour.
Look out for the resulting artwork displayed on A4 clipboards at various locations throughout the festival."

Camberwell Beauty

As Camberwell Beauty I manifest as a butterfly memory collector. I interact with the general public in a magnificent costume and hand out paper butterfly lollipops in exchange for memories.

Nippy Maid

Nippy Maid: Dressed as a 1920s Lions Tea House Nippy Maid, I sell a selection of miniature sculptures, cast in plaster from empty chocolate box trays, and lovingly handpainted in bright often dayglo colours with gold leaf and glitter, for 50pence each. A comment on value, service, the class system and female role models, everyone receives a receipt as well as a ?Vox Choc?, in exchange for their 50p.

Singing Ghost

Singing Ghost is a reflection on the meaning of song lyrics, and how these become changed when sung by a ghost.


"sLight" live art, Chinese Open, Q Park, Soho, art exhibition curated by artist Vanya Balogh, February 2015.


"Blindsided" live art interaction, We Could Not Agree, art exhibition curated by artist Vanya Balogh, October 2014.
With Alice Labant and Damian Cosamos, video by ?Miyuki Kasahara

Moon Moon Sing Sing

As Moon Moon Sing Sing I manifest celestially, and sing moon themed songs. Often accompanied by artist Alice Renouf as Golden Moon, and always accappella. Some of the songs are original, many are unusual cover versions.

Video by artist Caroline Gregory